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Why would I want to work at Camp Kahquah?

We thought the best way to describe what it’s like to be a Camp Kahquah staff member is to hear directly from the source! Check out the quotes below from Kahquah staff and if that hasn’t convinced you, watch the video for a glimmer of life at camp!

“I want to work at Camp Kahquah because Camp is where I grew the most in my faith. I also love the community and think it’s important to have a place where each member of the staff team is there for the same reasons.”

“Kahquah is the best place to spend your summer. I love the impact that camp has on the campers and the life changes that can be made there.”

“I want to work at Camp Kahquah again this summer because it is a place where amazing things happen like spiritual growth, budding friendships, and a christ-centered community. Kahquah helps shape people, young and old, into individuals on the journey to Christ.”

“I’ve been attending camp for around 15 years and it has always been the highlight of my year. I feel as though being on staff is a way for me to give back to the place that has given me lifelong memories.”

“The reason I want to work at Camp Kahquah is the experience to try something new, to experience the outdoors, and because I honestly would love this job for my entire summer. Also, with me freshly entering the Recreation & Leisure program, I feel as if this summer experience will better prepare me for my future career.”

“In my past years of working at Camp Kahquah, I have made lasting friendships, grown in my faith, matured, and had TONS of fun. Camp is a place where I can be me and feel safe and accepted. I believe I make a difference in the lives of the children and show them the love of God like they have never seen it before.”

This summer we are looking for …

Cabin Leaders

Male and female cabin leaders are the backbone of daily life at Camp Kahquah. Each cabin leader will have 1-2 co-cabin leaders and are responsible for 8-12 campers. Caring for campers physically, emotionally and spiritually is their number one priority for the week. Leading activities, participating in campfires and maybe even competing in a fun challenge or two are other extremely awesome parts of this job!

Health Care Centre

Reporting to the Directors and the Health Care Coordinator, the health care centre staff member is responsible for the health and wellness of all on site for the week they are working. Health care centre staff members administer medications, screen for illnesses, and provide first aid care for any incidents or accidents.

Maintenance Team

Maintenance Team Members are also very essential to daily camp life. The Facilities Manager oversees this team to provide the overall care and maintenance of camp property.


Lifeguards play a very important role in ensuring the safety of staff and campers on the waterfront. They enforce the rules, supervise participants on the water and provide first aid as necessary.

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