What is your name and where do you attend church?

Kristen Veenhuis, I attend church at Port Colborne BIC


  1. How long have you been attending camp and what roles have you served in at camp?

Since I was 8 years old..I attended as a camper, did the CREW program two years in a row, LIT, camp counselor, CREW girls leader.


  1. How did you get connected to camp and how has it impacted your life?

I found out about camp from a friend in my church that invited me. Camp impacted me from a young age in realizing the importance of living a life for Christ. I had so many of my first connections with God at camp and experienced Him in a deeper way each year that I attended. Camp is a very special and important part of my spiritual journey and so I was baptized at Camp Kahquah as a 16 year old.


  1. Has there been a time at camp when you really felt God’s presence?

Many many times.. Too many to count. But one specific time that I will always remember is when I was sitting on the Jesus Saves rock having some alone time with God. I remember thinking back to a song that we had sung in Chapel..Mighty to Save. The words kept repeating in my mind and I knew God was trying to remind me of something “Savior, he can move the mountains my God is mighty to save.” My family and I had been going through some things that year and I had struggled to understand why God was allowing so much hardship and hurt into my life. But as I sat there hearing these words I felt God in a way that I had never felt before. I remember feeling held and safe. I remember feeling that no matter what happened in the future, no matter what other hardships or struggles would come, My God IS mighty to save.. and he has the power to move mountains. Along with this special moment there were many other times I can remember God speaking to me and reminding me of how much I need Him each and every day. That living for Him would not be a one tie thing but it would be a daily prayer that I surrender to His will and trust that He has a plan for my life.


  1. Is there someone at camp who has impacted you?

Over the years there were many counselors and staff that I looked up to as a camper and as a young leader. To name a few Liz Bonisteel, Christie Boake and Laura Droppert come to mind. I was impacted by the passion that these leaders had and their willingness to serve and spend their time helping me and others in our faith walks. There are so many people that changed the way I saw my relationship with God and gave me a desire to know God more.