Leadership Development


At Camp Kahquah, we believe that leadership is developed through opportunities to learn, serve and lead. These pillars are the foundations of Aspire, Crew & LIT. As youth journey through these programs they gain the skills and experiences to become successful leaders at camp and in their communities upon returning home.

Please note: the grade levels for our leadership programs have been adjusted from last year to allow those who were to participate in 2020, to attend this year.


We believe that learning the teachings of Jesus will equip participants to understand how He lead and will enable us to serve and lead others more effectively. Participants learn through sessions, personal devotional time and hands-on learning experiences with each other and campers.   (Matthew 7:24-25, Luke 6:46-48, 1 John 3:11)


We believe serving Jesus is synonymous with serving everyone around us. Our programs offer many opportunities for participants to follow His example and serve campers, showing them what it means to put others before themselves. There is also a focus on developing a servanthood mindset where we are transformed from the inside out and ultimately will not just serve others at camp but in our communities at home.  (John 13:12-17, 1 John 3:16)


We believe that our youth are not only the future leaders of the church but also our current ones.  Not only do we learn about leadership styles but participants are given daily opportunities to put them into practice and reflect on their development as a leader. Our hands-on approach and intentional reflection equips our participants with a better understanding of who they are as leaders which helps them flourish at camp, in their schools and society as a whole. (1 Timothy 4:12, 1 John 3:18)


Do you want to begin your journey as a staff member at Kahquah? Feeling too old for SUMMIT, but not old enough for CREW? ASPIRE is a one week camp for younger teens who desire to become leaders at camp and in their communities. Running alongside BLAZE, ASPIRE campers have the unique opportunity to participate in kids camp programming and also receive leadership training. Highlights include separate ASPIRE team challenges, “Shadow a CREW member for a day”, and gaining a basic understanding of the principles of servant leadership. Participants will be challenged to grow in their faith and are given opportunities to practice their new skills in different settings. 

Grades 9-10 (as of Sept 2021) • July 18-24 • $480


CREW is a service-oriented program for teens wanting to make the transition from camper to staff. If you are interested in taking this step, join us for one of our two-week sessions, which includes a mixture of service, teambuilding, and recreation, with an emphasis on spiritual growth. Are you ready to get your hands dirty as you serve during kid’s camp, performing kitchen, cleaning and maintenance duties? Do you want to grow in your relationship with God and make friendships that will last a lifetime? Then please consider joining our CREW this summer! Due to the popularity of this program and the number of people applying, not all applicants are selected.

Session 1  •  Grade 11 (as of Sept 2021) • July 4-17 • $480
Session 2  •  Grade 11 (as of Sept 2021) • July 18-31 • $480


LIT participants begin their five-week development program during staff orientation and throughout the four weeks of children’s camp. The program includes extensive preparation to be cabin leaders, and a four-day canoe trip in Algonquin Park where they have the opportunity to learn team-building skills and be personally stretched. Participants conclude their program with a two-week practicum as assistant cabin leaders where they are placed with and mentored by an experienced cabin leading staff member. LITs must have a growing faith and a commitment to Christ, as they will represent Him to campers throughout the summer. Individuals applying for this program are not assured of a place until their application is reviewed.  Due to the popularity of this program and the number of people applying, not all applicants are selected.

Grade 12 (as of Sept 2021) • July 1-31 • $725