Our Stories

Kahquah has a lasting impact on the staff members who work here but it’s the camper stories and feedback that truly define why we do what we do. Check out what some of our past campers had to say about their favourite part of camp life!


“Learning how to shoot a bow and arrow at archery.”


“Campfire was probably [my daughter’s] favourite time because she really enjoyed the skits and challenges.”


“All of the amazing camp wide games!”


“[My son] loved all the fun things about lunchtime; the games, songs and food!”


“Trying out the new high ropes course.”


“The people who were there. That was the best thing about camp.”

When campers leave Camp Kahquah they bring so many memories with them and cannot wait to share their stories with others. Here are what some of our Kahquah parents had to say about their camper’s week at camp!


“[My son’s] entire experience was positive. The impressions that his cabin counselors left with him are lasting. It was one of the first things he said to me. “

“[My daughter] loved worship and taught me a bunch of new songs she learned!”

“[My son] learned a lot about God, and made some great friends. He absolutely loved his camp counselors.”

“[My daughter] was so nervous on the high ropes course but the leaders pushed and encouraged her to go all the way to the top and do her best. When she did, she was really glad they did that. “

“My younger son mentioned he wanted to be baptized at camp. He really had a great connection with God.”

“She had so many stories relating to her major instructors. They were so encouraging and helpful. She felt so successful and proud of her accomplishments because of such a great support from the staff.”

“The time spent developing friendships with cabin mates was very important to my son. He came back with lots of stories about his new friends!”