Our New Board of Directors

I know I speak for many others when I say how excited we are for all of the great things that are happening at Camp Kahquah.  It has been a great summer and fall as demonstrated by the many wonderful stories from children, students and adults of all ages.  The Terpstra’s are doing an amazing job in their first year and we believe even greater days are ahead. We continue to thank the Lord for the changed lives that have occurred as the result of another year of camp ministry.

As we continue to move ahead with the development of camp, there are a couple of important transitions that are occurring that I would like to make you aware of.

Over the past two years, camp has had interim leadership in place including an interim board of directors.  Now, as we move ahead, we are implementing a permanent board of directors to provide governance leadership for Camp Kahquah.

Below is a list of the new board members and some of the roles that are defined for these positions.  As employees of camp Ryan and Amy will serve as ex officio members of the board. I will serve as chairperson of the board with Lynn Long and Alexa Fretz acting as members-at-large.
Kahquah Board

Chairperson – Todd Lester
Kerry Gerber – Treasurer
Lynn Long – Board Member
Alexa Fretz – Secretary
Ryan Tepstra – ex officio
Amy Terpstra – ex officio

Additional board members may be added as needed or as people with the governance skills  are identified among the camp constituency.

All board members attend BIC churches and are also long time camp attendees. We believe that we have the basis for an excellent governance board and look forward to further developing the ministry of Camp Kahquah in partnership with Ryan and Amy Terpstra.

Another transition happening during this time is related to the board treasurer role.  We are transferring the treasurer responsibilities from the interim treasurer Bob Leadley to our new board treasurer Kerry Gerber.  Kerry is a professional accountant and worked in executive leadership with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC). Kerry has a tremendous amount of experience and will be an excellent treasurer for camp over the next few years.  If you are a donor to camp, I want to assure you that Kerry is someone I have known for almost 20 years and has impeccable credentials for the role of camp treasurer.

Please continue to pray for camp.  God is clearly at work in the life of camp but we know that our battle is a spiritual battle.  As lives are changed through the Kids Camps and Family Camp and North of 50 retreats, we know God is working and where God is working there will be spiritual battles taking place.  Continue to pray for those who lead camp and continue to pray for much life change for those who attend camp.

Todd Lester