Camp Kahquah exists to evangelize and spiritually nurture people of all ages through a year-round program of Christian camps and retreats.


Camp Kahquah strives to operate well-maintained and appropriate facilities in an exceptional natural setting in which children and adults will be drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ while enjoying outstanding, healthy, fun-filled activities with family and friends.


Camp Kahquah was established in 1962 with a desire to provide a permanent site for a children’s camp. Through hard work, thousands of volunteer hours, and the commitment of a small group of people with a huge dream, Camp Kahquah became a successful venture, expanding both its programs and its physical property. What began as a grassroots initiative has flourished into a full service camp and retreat center with options for all ages and stages of life, serving hundreds of people throughout the year. We are grateful for those people who, with the backing of the Be In Christ Church of Canada (formerly the Brethren in Christ Church), founded Camp Kahquah and created a legacy that has changed thousands of lives throughout its 60-year history.

Land Acknowledgement

Camp Kahquah resides on land that has been called home by Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. We are situated specifically on land traditionally inhabited by the Anishinaabek (uh-NISH-ih-NAH-beg), covered by the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850 (Treaty 61) and the Williams Treaties signed in 1923. 

We are grateful to live, play, worship, and connect with our Creator God on this land and recognise the learning, unlearning, and work that must be done to move forward with reconciliation.

Check out the Municipality of Magnetawan website for more information about the first people to inhabit the region.

Camp Kahquah is a ministry of Be in Christ of Canada

Be in Christ Church of Canada

Our Team

Amy and Ryan Terpstra, Executive Directors


Darrell Frank, Facilities Manger


Kayla Burmaster, Program Coordinator


Brittney Kentie, Admin Assistant