Parents and guardians, here is info you need about your kids and Camp Kahquah!

At Camp Kahquah, the health and safety of our campers is always a top priority. During this season of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been sure to follow the guidelines as laid out by the Ontario government; we’ve also been working closely with our local public health unit to do our best to ensure the safety of our campers. We will continue to follow the guidelines and make adjustments as needed to allow for a safe and healthy summer.  

Registration Policies

View information about deposits, cancellations, refunds and payment options here.

Packing List

Wondering what to bring? We’ve got a (printable!) detailed list here.

T-Shirt Sizing

If you are planning to order your camper a Camper T-Shirt or the Merch bundle, take a look at the sizing chart here to help you pick just the right size.

No Nit Policy

Camp Kahquah strives to offer a healthy environment for our campers and staff; therefore, we appreciate you taking the time to review our Head Lice policy. View more information here.

Bus Schedule

Transportation is available to get your camper to and from Kahquah. Pick-up and drop-off locations will be in Wainfleet, Burlington, King City, and Barrie.
View the ‘To Camp’ schedule here.
View the ‘Home from Camp’ schedule here.

Lost and Found

We get it – it’s all too easy to lose or forget something at camp. If you are looking for a lost item, please complete the form below. It is the only way for us to keep track of your request and contact you should we find your item. Please include a detailed description of the missing item and an approximation of the time it went missing. 

There are two options for retrieving a missing item:

  1. Pick it up at Camp Kahquah: Your item will be labelled and set aside for pick-up at no cost to you. 
  2. Ship the item home: Your item will be packaged and mailed to you from Camp Kahquah. Prior to sending the item, the office will contact you about price and payment to cover shipping costs. 

Any lost items remaining at camp after Sept 1st will be passed along and donated. Please make your Lost and Found request as soon as possible for a better chance of locating the item.

Please include a detailed description of the missing item and an approximation of the time it went missing.

Email a Camper

Campers love getting mail at camp! Every day we print off camper emails and deliver them to your camper at lunch (after they sing a funny song or do a funny dance, of course!). If you wish to send your camper a message while they are away, please use the form below. Be sure to include the camper’s name in your message.

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