Summer Team

Get involved with us this summer! Camp Kahquah has been developing leaders for over 50 years and we love what we do. Set against the backdrop of Ahmic Lake, spend your summer growing in community, deepening your faith, exploring the great outdoors, and challenging and developing your leadership skills. 
Opportunities to serve are varied; there’s sure to be a position that catches your eye! Check out our job descriptions below to find out more.


Cabin Leader

Cabin leaders are the heart and soul of Kids Camp! This is often one of the most impactful roles for both staff and campers, where the deepest connections and relationships are built. These incredible leaders’ most important job is to care for the campers in their cabin, which they do by keeping them safe and healthy; supervising at activities, mealtimes, and overnight; engaging in and leading devotions, activities, campfires, and games; and generally having an amazing time together! Click here for a full job description.

LIT/CREW/Aspire Leader

Leaders for our LIT, CREW, and Aspire programs are integral to our leadership development ministry. Those serving in these positions act as mentors and guides for the spiritual and leadership development of our LIT, CREW, and Aspire campers. Their most important duty is to care for and connect with the developing leaders under their supervision, ensuring their health and safety and building relationships with them. Each position also requires specific responsibilities unique to its program. Click here for a full job description. 

Kids Camp Program Director

The Kids Camp Program Director is responsible for creating and delivering an exciting age-appropriate themed week for campers where they will have many opportunities to build relationships with God, each other, and staff. This includes choosing a theme, planning and preparing thematic camp-wide games and activities, assigning staff to various necessary roles, and directing the programming during the week. Click here for a full job description.

CREW Director

The CREW Director is responsible for developing and implementing a two-week leadership program that provides opportunities for campers to grow and mature spiritually, establish leadership skills, and develop an attitude of service. The Director works with two cabin leaders to plan engaging activities that foster positive relationships, a strong faith in Jesus Christ, and a passion for serving others. Click here for a full job description.


Spiritual Formation Director(s)

Spiritual development is a critical aspect of Camp Kahquah’s staff and camper experience. The Spiritual Formation Director(s) play a significant role in shaping the spiritual experience of the summer staff and volunteers through leading devotions, meeting one-on-one, and guiding the general direction of spiritual growth over the summer.

Summer Program Coordinating Team

The Summer Program Coordinating Team is at the head of programming for Kids Camp. They plan and deliver all the awesome games, sessions, and other fun, keeping to each week’s theme and The Summer Program Coordinating Team is at the head of programming for Kids Camp. They support the planning and delivering all the awesome games, sessions, and other fun, keeping to each week’s theme and setting the stage for the Camp Kahquah Kids Camp experience! They also support recruitment, training, and leadership for summer staff and the Leadership Development programs. Click here for a full job description


Waterfront Director

The Waterfront Director ensures the safety of all people on the waterfront, whether camper or staff member, including boaters, watersports participants, and swimmers. They are responsible for cleaning, preparing, and maintaining the waterfront, including all waterfront areas and equipment; organising all other waterfront staff; assessing all staff and campers for swimming ability; and following all appropriate guidelines and procedures. They make sure that everyone can enjoy the waterfront safely all summer long! Click here for a full job description.

Ropes Coordinator

The Ropes Coordinator is the point person for the climbing wall and low ropes course. They are responsible for ensuring all trained staff are following all of the appropriate guidelines as well as keeping an accurate record of all equipment use and daily/weekly/yearly inspections. Click here for a full job description.

Tuck Shop Manager

The Tuck Shop Manager keeps track of all things merchandise! They order, organize, schedule, and maintain operations in the Tuck Shop to offer campers and staff a variety of snacks and souvenirs available for purchase to support and advertise Camp Kahquah.


Administrative Assistant

This role works closely with the Executive Directors to provide administrative support for Camp Kahquah’s day-to-day operations. The Administrative Assistant is responsible for communicating with staff, campers, parents, and Family Camp attendees; overseeing staff and volunteer paperwork; assisting with registration, promotion, camper and donor relations, mailings, and account management; and other administrative tasks. Click here for a full job description.

Social Media Manager

Kahquah for all to see! The ideal candidate would have experience in photography, videography, editing, or social media management to create and share promotional materials and document events and activities through social media, including Camp Kahquah’s blog. Click here for a full job description.

Health Care Centre

Health Care Centre staff serve by providing quality medical and health care for campers, staff, and volunteers. They should be a qualified member of a medical profession (e.g., nurse, general practitioner, paramedic) and be in good standing with their respective governing body. They work to promote good health habits and camp safety, provide emergency first aid treatment, and distribute medications to campers and staff. Click here for a full job description.

Food Services

Food Services staff are integral to Camp Kahquah. Mainly comprising the Head Cook and the Assistant Cook, Food Services staff are responsible for providing healthy, well-balanced, and tasty meals to campers, guests, and staff. They must also ensure the kitchen facilities are in compliance with OCA and NBPSDHU standards. Click on the job title for a full job description.


There are a variety of roles that serve the waterfront at Camp Kahquah, including the Assistant Waterfront Director, Lifeguards, and Waterfront Assistants. All of these positions are necessary for a safe and fully functioning waterfront. Note that the Assistant Waterfront Director and Lifeguards must have their NLS and Emergency First Aid certification. Waterfront Assistants must have their Bronze Cross certification. Click on the job title for a full job description.


The Housekeeping staff work alongside the CREW campers and leaders to ensure that Camp Kahquah is clean and orderly. They are responsible for cleaning and restocking all Lodge and Wash House washrooms, cleaning public areas of the Lodge, and stocking and organising all cleaning supplies.

Family Camp Staff

Family Camp Staff make sure that Family Camp runs smoothly for all campers. They may fill multiple positions on a rotational basis and take on various roles as needed. These roles include Housekeeping, Programming, Kitchen, and Maintenance. Click here for a full job description.


Maintenance staff are essential to the daily operations of Camp Maintenance staff are essential to the daily operations of Camp Kahquah. Led by our Facilities Manager, Maintenance staff mend and repair any issues with camp facilities, maintain the grounds, and keep things running smoothly for a memorable camp experience.

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Off-Season Team

Interested in serving at Camp Kahquah year-round? We have a number of opportunities for volunteers who would like to help out for a weekend here or there throughout the off-season. Our maintenance, hospitality, kitchen, office, and retreat teams all provide a great way to stay connected to camp during the year!

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If you require any accommodations through the application and hiring process, please contact us and let us know how we can support you.